Soch Audit Report

Updated: March 06th, 2020.

The Aurat March statement contained in “Is piddarshahi a feminine noun?” was conveyed to the author of this article and has been reproduced in the interest of maintaining transparency with our readership.

Soch does not endorse the characterization of events put forth in the statement and regrets that Aurat March did not engage with us directly before issuing their statement. Nonetheless, Soch has since reached out to the Aurat March collective i.e. "Hum Aurtein" in the interest of addressing their concerns and both parties are engaged in a constructive exchange regarding the matter.

While working at Soch in 2018, one of the organizers of Aurat March made a complaint of harassment against one of her peers. Although her complaint was acted upon, the nascent organization did not have a harassment policy in place at the time. As such the complaint was handled informally in the absence of a committee. Recognizing our shortcomings, Soch commissioned an independent audit to review our procedures and investigate our handling of the complaint. The audit report may be found here.

It is incumbent upon all responsible organizations to strive to provide safe and inclusive workplaces for women. We remain ever committed to this goal. Our current harassment policy may be found here.


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