Soch (the Urdu word for thought, or reflection) is a multilingual news community based in Pakistan. At Soch we believe that a free, vibrant, and courageous press is the most effective safeguard of democratic systems and values.

Through our reporting and analysis, Soch seeks to empower individuals, highlight local stories, promote social justice, and provide a southern-subaltern perspective on issues of global concern. As such, our reportage emphasizes citizen responsibility to organize and lobby governments to bring about positive change. And through the Soch Citizen Journalism App, we enable ordinary citizens to contribute their stories and share their experiences with a global audience.

Our Team

Sualeha Qureshi
Sualeha Qureshi Creative Director & Head of Production
Asad Pabani
Asad Pabani Producer & Correspondent @asadpabani
Meiryum Ali
Meiryum Ali Producer & Correspondent @meiryumali
Fawad Hasan
Fawad Hasan Producer & Correspondent @fawadhazan
Hiba Shabir
Hiba Shabir Producer & Correspondent
Zainab Husain
Zainab Husain Producer & Correspondent @zainabhusainn
Zuha Siddiqui
Zuha Siddiqui Journalist, Soch Writing @SiddiquiZuha
Jason Liao
Jason Liao Editor & Cinematographer
Fahad Khan
M. Fahad Khan Editor & Cinematographer
Javeria Waseem
Javeria Waseem Editor
Azeem Charania
Azeem Charania Editor
Mashhood Jafri
Mashhood Jafri Editor & Sound Designer @sir_soch_alot
Muhammad Abid
Muhammad Abid Animator
Nadeem Abbas
Nadeem Abbas Director of Photography @abbasndm
Sarah Dara
Sarah Dara Social Media Desk Head @Sdara94
Umer Zaib
Umer Zaib Research Associate


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